Foods that contain the most chemicals you still eat every day

Tofu is rich in protein, calcium. However, this kind of food has too many “bad” in being made from construction plaster, sour powder …

Bean sprouts
If the stem is white, big, fat, brittle and has almost no roots, the types of bean sprouts have been used to store water and kill the roots when soaking. These types of bean sprouts, although containing many toxic chemicals, are very attractive to consumers.

From the early stage of the germ, potatoes have been sprayed with a lot of chemicals to prevent insects from destroying the young and soft sprouts. The soil around the potato plantation is also sprayed with chemicals to prevent other plants from growing up. The process of accumulating toxic substances from the beginning makes potatoes susceptible to deep poisoning from the core.

Pesticides sprayed during planting are extremely easy to attach to the apple shell and can penetrate deep into the apple inside. If you want to eat apples, wash thoroughly and peel deeply before eating to minimize poisoning.

Strawberries are one of the most sprayed insecticides and stimulants in the world.

If you see meat that is mostly lean but has almost no fat meat, the meat is dark red like beef, which is the kind of meat that the breeder has used the weight gainer that contains a lot of corticosteroids.

Dried shrimp
Because the profits of many businesses have also been stained with rotten shrimp chemicals to make eye-catching dried shrimp, attracting buyers, seriously affecting consumers’ health. For sweet porridge, you should use shrimp head, shrimp shell rather than water dried shrimp.