Vision: Creating a brand recognized by society.
Responsibilities: Share and stick.
Core values: Hardworking, creative, standard.
Motto: Customer benefits are our honor.

We always strive to improve ourselves to serve our customers in the best way. Look forward to receiving support from customers.

Continuing to assert its position as a commercial company becoming a domestic market leader in sugar, molasses, alcohol, alcohol, and lubricants, it also became one of the leading brands in the regional market. Southeast Asia.

Providing the best products and services to customers. Maximize investment value and increase value for shareholders. Bring prosperity to the staff. Build Le Gia brand sustainably and reach far in the international market.

Respect the value of labor, respect people, respect moral values in business and social ethics.
Responsibilities in work, responsibility for shareholders / partners / social customers.
Self-improvement, accepting appropriate innovation according to development requirements, turning challenges into opportunities.
Professional in executive management and staff with professional qualifications and capabilities with a spirit of high dedication to the overall development of the Company and the whole society.
Compliance with laws, regulations, processes and regulations of the Company