A COVID-19 pregnant woman gives birth in Đà Nẵng

A Vietnamese woman being treated for COVID-19 in Đà Nẵng has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

This is the first time a pregnant woman with COVID-19 has had a baby in Việt Nam.

The baby was born at Hòa Vang field hospital on August 15th weighing three kilograms. Obstetricians had to perform a C-section. The child is currently incubated, but doctors say both the baby and her mother are in good health at present.

Tests would be carried to determine if the virus has been passed on to the newborn though the Ministry of Health says there is no evidence to show SARS-CoV-2 could transmit from mother to baby.

The 35-years-old mother works at a factory in Hòa Khánh Industrial Zone. She tested positive on July 30.

Photo: pixabay.com