Three hospitals with inadequate Covid-19 safety measures suspended

At a meeting held today, August 22, Hanoi health authority has ordered three hospitals in the capital city to suspend operations as they failed to meet requirements to prevent and control the Covid-19 infection.

According to deputy director of Hanoi Health Department Tran Thi Nhi Ha, four working teams had been set up to inspect the measures at 46 of the 80 hospitals in the city to fight Covid-19.

Among the medical facilities inspected, three eye hospitals—Saigon-Hanoi Eye Hospital, Vietnam-Japan Eye Hospital and HiTec Eye Hospital—were ordered to suspend their operations as they did not ensure safety measures in screening and quarantining suspected cases of Covid-19.

The Health Department also criticized other hospitals whose Covid-19 safety levels were low and ordered them to improve the situation.

In addition, the department requested the working teams to re-examine these hospitals to promptly discover and address arising issues and ask hospital leaders to be held accountable for any shortcomings in the fight against the Covid-19.

The Saigon Times